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Nahid Azad

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Major Experience

Dr. Nahid Azad, a graduate of University of Ottawa Medical School in 1983, is an internist and geriatric medicine specialist. She is a Professor of Medicine and the Director of the Office of Gender and Equity, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa. She has been the national advisory and editorial member to the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care Strategic Planning documents on: A Review of Older Women's Health Priorities; background paper for the Ministry on Women's Health Equity; Sex and Gender Equity; and Equity for Seniors. She has been the invited collaborative member in “The Project for an Ontario Women’s Health Evidence-Based Report Card”. The Cardiovascular chapter working group Expert Panel member: Quality indicators for ischemic heart disease and heart failure. In recognition of her work in teaching gender and health and focusing her research on the issues related to older women’s health and sex differences, Dr. Azad has received the following awards: 2007 May Cohen Gender Equity Award from the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada; the Women’s Health Teaching Award from the University of Ottawa in 2005 and the Margaret Owen research award in 2004 from Federation of Medical Women of Canada. In 2010, Dr. Azad has been recognized among 16 extraordinary women in academia at the University of Ottawa who have made indelible mark on this institution in Canada. She has assumed a number of leadership roles to promote gender and equity in health care and medical education. She has been the founding member of the Gender Health Institute in Ontario and has been the U. O. site-coordinator for a collaborative curriculum project between Ontario Universities, for integration of gender and health into undergraduate medical education. She has led full integration of Gender and Health at the University of Ottawa new medical curriculum since 2008. Currently, she is the President of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada.

Research Interests

With respect to clinical research, my focus has been towards optimizing patient care. Specifically, I have obtained peer reviewed grants and have effectively published in many areas related to clinical care with emphasis on my two main areas of focus: heart failure (HF) and equity in gender health. My clinical research focuses in advancing care for heart disease, in particular heart failure in older women, and gender differences. This has allowed me to explore new ideas and test programs and clinical pathways that impact outpatient management of HF. Through Multidisciplinary clinical pathways for complex elderly women with HF, my clinical trials were addressing optimization of function and decreasing the rate of hospital admissions. I have assessed feasibility of managing older patients in the community through Tele-Health program following discharge from acute care hospital. As a co-investigator for the POWER study “The Project for an Ontario Women’s Health Evidence-Based Report Card”, I have examined a comprehensive set of evidence-based indicators for gender, age, socioeconomic, regional variations in care for heart failure in a large Canadian cohort. By using an equity lens the POWER study is designed to build evidence for care of HF patients in Ontario and impact practice and quality improvement. In addition, I have published on the effect of cardiovascular disease on driving tasks, the impact of cognition on driving suitability. I have examined the impact of driving secession on the quality of life in older person. In closing the osteoporosis care gap in hip fracture patients, I have explored opportunities to decrease recurrent fractures and hospital admissions and I have published on educational programs for patients and providers to improve osteoporosis management.

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Release Date: 2020-11-02 Visited: