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Jun-Bo GE

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Jun-Bo GE, MD, FACC, FESC, FSCAI. Prof. Ge is Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; the director of Cardiology Department of Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University; the Chief of Shanghai Cardiovascular Clinical Center; the Chairman of Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases; the Head of Institutes of Biomedical Sciences; the Head of Institute for Pan Vascular Medical Research, Fudan University; the Director of National Radiology and Therapeutic Clinical Medicine Research Center, Ministry of Science and Technology.

He is also the President of Chinese College of Cardiovascular Physicians,President of Chinese Cardiovascular Association, Past President of Chinese Society of Cardiology (2015-2018); Founder and Board Member of XinXin Heart (SIP) Foundation, China Governor of American College of Cardiology, Board Member of World Heart Federation, Visiting Professor of Columbia University. 

Dr. Ge is devoted to academics, not only has made great achievements in clinical and scientific research, but also has rich experience in composing textbooks and running journals. He has been responsible for over 20 scientific research projects supported by the government, furthermore, a total of over 1244 papers published by Dr. Ge . He has edited 20 books (one published abroad) and co-edited more than 20 monographs and textbooks. 

He is also the Deputy editor of International Journal of Cardiology, Deputy Editor of Herz, Editor-in-Chief of Cardiology Plus, Editor-in-Chief of Internal Medicine (8th and 9th editions), Editor-in-Chief of  Practical Internal Medicine (15th edition) and international editorial board of many international academic journals.

Dr. Ge has obtained more than fourteen awards, including the second prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress, the second prize of National Award for Technological Invention, the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award presented by the Ministry of Education, the second prize of the China Medical Technology Award (twice),the first prize of the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, the first prize of the Shanghai Technical Invention Award etc. Additionally, he lead his Zhongshan Hospital team to complete 680,000 diagnosis and treatments and 24,000 interventional surgery each year, ranking top two in China and first in Shanghai.

He has long been engaged in cardiovascular disease research, especially the clinical application of cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment technology, basic scientific research, and achievement transformation research.  As the “pioneer” of international coronary myocardial bridge ultrasound diagnosis, it was the first time to discover the characteristic “half-month phenomenon” of intravascular ultrasound of myocardial bridge, which increased the detection rate of less than 5% of coronary angiography to over 95%, which was regarded as internationally accepted  Standard; as the "leader" in the interventional treatment of CTO in China, the pioneering "reverse wire technology" and a series of auxiliary technologies have enabled CTO, the "last fortress" to be overcome in the field of coronary intervention, to succeed  The rate has risen to more than 90%, which has become one of the three conventional procedures; as the “flag holder” of the innovative concept and transformation of coronary stents in China, the country has pioneered the “degradable coating” for the key link in the occurrence of fatal stent thrombosis.  "Layer Stent", "Biodegradable Stent", the internationally original "As2O3 New Drug Stent", which reduces the incidence of advanced stent thrombosis from 1.2%-1.9% to 0.34%; As a "pioneer" in the interventional/minimally invasive treatment of high-risk mitral regurgitation in China, breaking through the forbidden areas of traditional surgical operations, was the first to carry out "percutaneous mitral valve clamping" in China, and pioneered "transapical mitral valve clamping" and the minimally invasive device ValveClamp, which was an important breakthrough in technology and product innovation; as the "advocate" of China's chest pain treatment system, advocated and deployed the "China Chest Pain Center", promoted the construction of the national chest pain treatment network, and implemented the "green channel" treatment concept of acute myocardial infarction emergency intervention,  which provide model reference for the construction of chest pain center.

Taking advantage of technology, actively carry out the "Belt and Road Interventional Cardiology Training Project", including more than 20 countries including Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, India, Japan, Korean, South Africa, India, and the Philippines etc. to help exchange and improve cardiovascular academic and technology in countries ; and established close cooperation with 38 international well-known medical centers and carried out more than 40 international cooperation projects, leaded and promoted the Chinese Cardiovascular to a new upper level and gained more international influence.

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Release Date: 2021-01-12 Visited: