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Process for Manuscript Submission

● Cover letter

Submitted manuscripts should be accompanied by a covering letter giving details of: (1) the title of the manuscript and its main point; (2) a statement that the manuscript has not been published in part or whole (except in the form of abstract) or is under consideration for publication elsewhere in any language; (3) a statement that all authors have agreed to be so listed and have seen and approved the manuscript, its consent and its submission to JGC; (4) a full current postal address, telephone and fax numbers, and current e-mail address. We usually communicate with authors by e-mail. Authors must specify if they wish to exclude a method of communication.

Authors may suggest 2-3 reviewers. Please provide the reviewers’ name, postal address, and e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, and fields of interest. Authors may also suggest that specific individuals not be involved as reviewers, but JGC reserves the right of final selection.

● Manuscript types

The content types published by JGC are: (1) Editorial: To introduce and comment on the substantial advance and its importance in cardiology; (2) Research Articles: To originally report the innovative and valuable finding in cardiology research; (3) Perspective: To update the development of old and new questions, highlight unsolved problems, and provide strategies on how to solve the questions; (4) Symposium: A group of review articles or research articles focusing on a specific topic; (5) Review: To systemically review the most representative progress and unsolved problems in the major scientific disciplines, comment on the current research status, and make suggestions on the future work; (6) Case Report: To report a rare or typical case; (7) Guidelines: To introduce Consensuses and Guidelines reached by international academic authorities worldwide; and (8) Letters to the Editor: To discuss and make reply to the contributions published in JGC, or to introduce and comment on a controversial issue of general interest.

● Manuscript status

Upon receipt of the manuscript, the JGC Editorial Office will immediately assign a code number, which is strongly recommended for use in subsequent correspondence. A letter acknowledging receipt will be sent to the corresponding author. After being pre-reviewed by the editors, most of the submitted manuscripts will be sent to expert referees for peer-review. All manuscripts are subject to editorial modifications. JGC disclaims any liability for statements made by authors or advertisers.

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